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Faculty & Staff Services

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NIU eLearning Services is here to help
faculty get your courses online. Please visit:
Online Course Development  Process
presentation to learn more about  how eLearning can help you, and to download a course proposal for 200 hours for services from NIU eLearning!

NIU eLearning Services is here to help faculty get their courses online. To see
more examples of online course materials eLearning has developed please visit our Blackboard Course titled "eLearning Services".

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If you are interested in teaching an online off-campus course, the place to start is with your department chair, who will need to follow the Off-campus Online Course Development process. There is also a short proposal process, but if your course meets college requirements and funding is available then we can help you develop your online learning materials.

Is your computer ready to teach online?

Find out if your computer is ready for online courses by taking our browser test. Also refer to the computer checklist for minimum computer requirements.

NIU Online

We have developed a web site just for online students. www.niuonline.niu.edu has many helpful resources including a readiness survey students can use to evaluate if they have the skills necessary to be a successful online student. They will also find quick links to Blackboard, student email, the Smart FAQ, course schedules and more.


If you are still having technical difficulties with your online course call 815-753-8100 to access the NIU Help Desk.