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Classroom Acoustics capture

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Classroom Acoustics
Importance to Successful Listening and Learning



Title: Project Real: Classroom Acoustics

Client: Faculty Development



Classroom acoustics have a direct effect on how well students listen and learn. By becoming well-informed about the importance of favorable classroom acoustics and its role in the learning process, teachers can be effective advocates for their students in improving the acoustical environment in the classroom.



A Flash-based module was developed to educate teachers about classroom acoustics and its integral role in students’ ability to learn. The module addresses the following topics: (1) acoustic barriers in the classroom; (2) importance of favorable classroom acoustics; and (3) producing favorable acoustics. It includes interactive examples and a self-check quiz at the end of each topic.




Content Developer: Joseph Smaldino. Ph.D

Art Direction/Designer: Scott Fleming

Programmer: Ros Adulseranee

Instructional Design Lead: Christiane Ong

Project Manager: Aline Click



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