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1. Welcome to eLearning Services. The purpose of this presentation is to introduce you to our process for developing your online program or course.

2. At eLearning Services (ELS), we follow the ADDIE model in developing online education products. The process involves 5 phases:
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
ADDIE model image
3. Phase I, Analysis begins after we receive your approved proposal to develop an online product such as a course, program or learning object. An ELS instructional designer meets with you to discuss the proposal, brainstorm possible online instructional strategies, and determine what learning objects will be built for your course. ELS meeting
4. Your instructional designer then develops a design document outlining the decisions made during the initial meeting(s). This document includes a timeline for the project.  
5. Phase II, Design begins after you sign off on the design document and timeline. In this phase, you provide ELS with the initial content, such as a sample PowerPoint lesson, to be used for prototype development.
Flash drive image
6. The ELS design team develops a prototype consisting of the interface, navigation system, and examples of interactive learning experiences that will be employed. Prototype diagram
7. When the prototype is finished, you are asked to review and critique it.  Modifications to the prototype are made as needed.
Instructor Reviewing prototype image
8. Phase III, Development begins after you approved the prototype. At this point, you need to submit the balance of your content to ELS so we can develop the rest of the materials for your online product.
9.Once all the materials for your course have been built, we ask you to review and provide feedback. As with the prototype, changes are made as needed.  
10. In Phase IV, Implementation your online course materials are uploaded and tested in the live environment, such as your Moodle or Blackboard course shell. Testing is done by our quality assurance specialists, as well as a sample of the target population if available. Quality assured image
11. After your online product goes live, your instructional designer is available to provide support.  
12. In Phase V, Evaluation we ask
you to provide a link to an online technology survey towards the end of the semester and encourage your students to fill it out.
Student reviewing technology survey image
13. ELS also requests a debriefing
meeting with you immediately following the pilot semester to review the technology survey results, evaluate the project, and discuss revisions if needed.
shaking hands image
14. At the end of the process, you may request to receive a DVD containing all the materials we developed for your online product.
CD image


15. Thank you for viewing this presentation on eLearning Services’ online product development process.

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