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eLearning Overview

eLearning Services has more than 20 years of experience working with NIU faculty, staff, and university partners developing online courses, applications, and digital media. We are an interdicplinary team of instructional designers, multi-media specialists and technology experts. We can help you put your continuing and professional education courses and programs delivered online whether they are for a grant project or private business training.

eLearning staff working with faculty


The Department of eLearning Services is committed to increasing access to a continuing and professional education, improving student-learning outcomes, and providing support for faculty, staff and university partners in the development of quality online continuing and professional education courses and programs.


The Department of eLearning Services is committed to student success by supporting university efforts to ensure quality online continuing and professional education support services are available to our diverse population of adult students, faculty, and staff in NIU-related noncredit, continuing and professional education activities. We see it as our mission to provide the highest quality online learning opportunities to our adult students and customers by supporting faculty, staff and university partners through: exemplary instructional design, appropriate integration of instructional technologies, professional interactive digital media development, and the deployment and support of new media and communication technologies.

Why is this important?

Online continuing and professional education courses and programs at NIU are designed to offer today's busy adults more flexibility in planning and completing professional education goals and requirements regardless of time and/or location. Online courses provide adults that have jobs, child care, transportation issues, or are frequently required to travel, with a desirable alternative to the traditional professional development courses. Please see the university's policy on Continuing Education Units.

In order to fulfill our mission, eLearning Services provides faculty, staff and our university partners with:

  • Assistance and support from skilled instructional designers and multimedia producers in the development of courses, course media, and the use of appropriate learning technologies;
  • Enhanced assessment of student learning outcomes;
  • A culture of leadership, instructional excellence, and continuous improvement;
  • Support for the use of the digital content delivery tools including: learning management systems such as Blackboard and Moodle, Adobe Connect, mobile access, and other technologies used in both face-to-face and online learning environments;
  • Tools to support online development and delivery;
  • Transcription and closed captioning to ensure instructional materials are accessible.


For students :

  • Greater access to continuing and professional education courses and resources;
  • Customer services equal in content and quality to traditional training services;
  • Reduced focus on place and time restraints for delivery of educational services;
  • Universal design to ensure access for all students (including those with disabilities);
  • Quality educational programming.