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eLearning Services offers a multitude of solutions for course development. We are experienced at tackling difficult topics with an innovated approach. We treat subjects like we do our clients with a specialized solution for each individual challenge. Here is a small sample of our work.


Learning Modules

A learning object is a small unit of educational material, usually in a digital format, delivered over the Internet. Learning objects are designed so that they are reusable in different course structures or learning management systems.

UHHS 710 Sample Presenter Whole Grains button Universal Design button Reader Response button Correlation button


Simulations allow us to interact with a physical model or abstract process. Common examples of simulations include mechanical bulls, flight simulators, and the digital city management games.

Foundations in Homeland Security button Wind Turbine Generator Physics
 button Research Mentoring Simulation button Medication Management for the Older Adult button STLE: Fundamentals of Lubrication

Serious Games

Many see digital games, serious and otherwise, as a treasure trove for educators, learners, and researchers, embodying solid instructional strategies, providing embodied experiences, and delivering stunning and engaging multimedia experiences (Gee, 2003; Jenkins et al, 2003; Klopfer, 2005; Prensky, 2001).

Firehouse: Search & Rescue button Firehouse: Search & Rescue button Double Trouble button Conclave Electing the Pope button Data Selection button

Case Studies

Case Studies are an excellent tool for introducing students to a topic or working through process. eLearning Services can build custom case studies if learning objects cannot be located on the Internet for your course.

Medical Aspects of a Disability Threat Assessment Simulation button

Other Works

Here are some other samples of our projects.

IPPFA: Online Certified Trustee Program button ABA Power 
Editing button Critical Choices button