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eLearning Faq


For Faculty, Staff and Partners

Q. How do I get started working with eLearning to develop my online continuing and professional education course or program?
A. There are several ways to get support for your online course development. Contact us at to set up a meeting.

Q. What does an online course look like?
A. At eLearning Services we use many different technologies to develop online courses. Please visit our Portfolio page for some samples of our work.

Q.How can I make my online course available to students with a disability? 
A. Online courses developed at eLearning Services comply with the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act (IITAA) to accommodate students with disabilities enrolled in an online course. eLearning Services provides transcription services (closed-captioning) for the faculty we work with. For more information on accessibility requirements go to NIU's Website Accessibility webpage.

Q. Can I show a commercial video in my online course?
A. If you wish to show a full-length video to your online students and it is available at rental stores, it is best to ask your students to rent a copy to watch. You can use up to 10% of a movie or music in your online course to highlight certain aspects, but there are additional rules about that as well. For more information download the NIU Copyright Notification Form

Q. What is eLearning’s process for developing an online continuing and professional education course?
A. eLearning Services follows the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation) model in developing online courses. Please refer to the following demo for more information about our process: Course Development demo

Q. What are the system requirements for an online course?
A. For minimum computer requirements for your online course refer to our computer checklist

Q. Can students access the online courses on their mobile devices?
A. Yes there are apps for both iPad and Android devices for accessing our online courses including those made with Flash.

Q. How long does it take to build an online course? 
A. A typical online course take about 4 to 6 months to develop with the help of eLearning Services. Click here to access the online course development RFP.

Q. What kind of services does eLearning provide? 
A. Course development, instructional design, multimedia development, and Adobe Connect training are just a few of the services NIU eLearning offers.

Q. I want to use Adobe Connect for online sessions of my class. Where do I access Adobe Connect and is there training?
A. Adobe Connect is free of charge to all faculty and staff at NIU. All you need to do is log into with your university login and password and set up a meeting.

For Students

Q. Where can I go for help if I have problems in my Blackboard course?
A. Call 815-753-8100 to access the Help Desk. Friendly staff at the help desk will either help you work through your problem or point you in the right direction for services.

Q. Can the online courses run on MAC platform? 
A. Yes

Q. Do I need to buy additional software to take an online class?
A. In most cases you will not need to buy additional software for your online course, with the exception of courses that focus on teaching a specific software.

Q. Can students access the online courses on their mobile devices?
A. Yes there are apps for both iPad and Android devices for accessing our online courses including those made with Flash.


Q. I am not currently affiliated with NIU but am interested in getting a proposal from eLearning to find out what it would cost for consulting and development services. Whom do I contact?
A. NIU eLearning Services works with a variety of partner organizations in developing and supporting online training initiatives for continuing and professional education and training. Contact Aline Click for more information at 815-753-0673 or email


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