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Audio Recording

A great way to provide an engaging experience for your students in online continuing and professional education courses is to let them hear your voice, especially if you are using Powerpoint style presentations – audio voice overs is a must. Research shows audio quality is even more important than video quality. The eLearning Services team provides services for online course development to help you record and edit high quality audio and voice overs. We also provide the necessary transcription and closed captioning services.

Here are a few things you need to consider when recording and editing audio.

Why great sound is so important:
  • Consistent microphone placement and recording settings
  • How room acoustics effect audio quality
  • Recording techniques and work flow
  • Recording and editing software
  • Troubleshooting recording issues
  • Editing out the “ah” “um” and occasional cough

Our professional staff in eLearning Services can assist you with recording and editing audio for online presentations and other digital media projects. Our team offers on-site technical support to help you achieve consistent, high quality audio recordings.

Come experience our quiet and private recording room located on the third floor of the Founders Library.

Please email to make an appointment.

udio recording image

Audio Recording image