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Development Services for Online Professional Education Courses and Programs

Welcome to NIU eLearning Services support for online continuing and professional education course development. NIU eLearning support services include instructional design, multimedia development, audio and video encoding, audio transcription, illustration and graphic design, video production, and quality review.


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Faculty, instructors and staff interested in developing online continuing and professional education courses can contact Aline Click at or call 815-753-0673.  

Course Timeline Expectations

Quality online course development is a time-intensive process and requires 4-6 months. For this reason an applications must be submitted to the eLearning Services 6 months prior to the expected delivery date. 

Quality MattersTM at NIU

The University has adopted quality standards for all online courses and programs. In 2014 NIU became a Quality MattersTM member, joining 17 other higher educations institutions in Illinois and more than 700 worldwide.

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Our Instructional Design Model

We use the ADDIE instructional design model to develop online continuing and professional education courses and products at NIU. ADDIE stands for Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation.

  • Analysis - An instructional designer (ID) is assigned to meet with the faculty, staff or client - we will refer to this person(s) as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) from now on – assigned to the course to go over the course syllabus and current teaching practices, and begin development of a design document and development schedule.
  • Design - The ID will then work with the eLearning team to develop a prototype for the SME to approve before moving forward with development..
  • Development - Once the prototype has been approved by the SME the ID will coordinate development of the rest of the online professional development course.
  • Implementation - The course is uploaded to the Learning Management System and tested by our quality review team and the course goes live. The ID is available to support the SME during this stage. Courses that meet the qualifications are awarded an NIU badge of quality.
  • Evaluation - At the end of the first course offering we ask our SME to provide their students with a survey to obtain feedback on the course design and we begin modification if needed.

For more information on developing an online continuing and professional education courses and programs, please contact Aline Click at